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OSHA Standards

Ensuring your workers operate cranes and hoists safely is important. Our group classes and training sessions cover best practices, operator awareness, and OSHA Title 8 standards to help your jobsite become an accident-free zone.

OSHA Periodic Inspection Procedure

  1. An In-Depth Inspection of All Suspected Deficiencies, Parts Required to Repair, and an Evaluation of Removal and Replacement of Defective Parts
  2. All Brakes, Pads, Discs, Etc. Are Checked and Listed as Satisfactory, Requiring Immediate Attention, or in Unacceptable Condition
  3. All Wheels Are Given a Visual Check for Signs of Wear on Flanges, Tread, and Bearings
    Cause of Wear Is Determined, Will Be Greased Externally (if Needed) through SERTS if Working (if Not, We Will Advise You)
  4. Structural Connection of Bridge to End Trucks Is Checked
    Bolts Are Checked by Tapping with a Hammer to Locate Loose Bolts
    Status and Location of Discrepancies Are Brought to Your Attention, Cracks in Welds at Haunch or in Steel Are Noted
    You're Notified of Any Problems, which Are Recorded in Our Report
  5. Wire Rope Is Checked Visually and Its Diameter Is Measured
  6. For Sheaves and Sheave Gearings, a Gauge Is Used to Determine Wear in Sheave, or if Groove Marks from Wire Are Showing on Sheaves, Bushings Are Checked Visually
  7. On the Bottom Block, the Sheave Bearing Case, Hook, Spread Nut, and Thrust Washer Are Checked
    Hook Is Checked for Wear, Loss of Material of at Least 10%, and Cracks
  8. On Motors and Couplings, We Check Oil Level and Notate and Record on Other Areas
    Loose or Missing Bolts, General Condition of Brushes, Rotor Wear, and Seals
  9. Check Controls in Electric Panel Boxes and Pull out Contacts to Inspect (if Necessary)
    Contacts Are Inspected Visually (if Possible) and Good Operating Condition Is Confirmed
  10. Joystick Covers Are Opened and Checked for Wear
    All Operational Functions and Controls Are Tested
    Radio Controls Are Operated in All Modes and Checked for Discrepancies in Control Box, Controller Antennas Are Inspected
  11. For Cab-Controlled Cranes, Fire Extinguishers and All Safety-Related Items Are Checked
    Technicians Ensure That Controls Operate Correctly without Removing Covers (if Possible)
  12. Condition and Working Order of All Buttons on Pendants Are Noted
    Ensure All Buttons Are Legible, No Strain on the Cord and Light and Horn Are in Safe Condition

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